All visas and OCI cards for foreign nationals outside India suspended


All visas and OCI cards for foreign nationals outside India suspended

All visas for foreign nationals and the OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card visa free travel for the people of Indian origin, who are presently not in India, will stay suspended for now. As per the latest news reports, this suspension will remain in place until the restrictions imposed in international travel to and from India are in place. This was stated by the Indian Embassy on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the visa-free travel option granted to the OCI card holders will continue to remain suspended till the prohibition imposed on international air travel is not lifted. OCI is an immigration status that is granted to a foreign citizen of Indian origin, which allows them to work and live in India indefinitely. However, the OCI card holders, who are presently in India, shall stay unaffected, as per the embassy.

All visas and OCI cards for foreign nationals outside India suspended

However, all those foreign nationals, who are still in the country, but their visas have expired and are not able to travel out of India due to international travel restrictions, can opt for visa extension without any additional fee.

Further, visas that have been already issued to those, who have not entered the country yet, will remain suspended. Exceptions in this case will be the visas that have been issued to official passport holders, diplomats, and also those in the UN and other international bodies.

The Indian Embassy also stated that e-visas, regular visas, or stay stipulation of all foreign nationals whose visas have expired or might expire from February 1 till the date on which the international travel restrictions in India are lifted, would be granted on ‘gratis’ basis. However, for this, those in need will have to submit an online application form with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Also, one can get such extensions for up to a period of 30 days from the date of the lifting of international travel restrictions from India.

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