Airlines are having a hard time to furnish full refunds amidst lockdown


Airlines are having a hard time to furnish full refunds amidst lockdown

According to reports, airlines are having a hard time trying to refund passengers for their cancelled flights. All major domestic and international airlines are currently grounded due to the nation-wide lockdown. Passengers usually get a full refund when a flight gets cancelled; if they cancel the flight themselves, a cancellation fee gets deducted from their refund.

Now with the Corona epidemic spread all over the world, airlines are facing a hard time because there are hardly any bookings anymore. While, on the other hand, they are actually constantly getting requests for cancellations and refunds.

This is leading to a whole different scenario as most Indian carriers are converting the refund amount into pre-paid vouchers that can be used in the future, the period for this varies from one airline to another. Passengers would be required to pay for the fare difference during that time.

Airlines are having a hard time to furnish full refunds amidst lockdown

However, there are passengers who are insisting on a refund, so you could probably do that at the cost of a hefty cancellation charge. This means that you will not be getting the full refund on your cancellation. This has, of course, caused travellers to get annoyed, but these are extraordinary times, and such hiccups are bound to happen.

The lockdown is going to continue until April 14, 2020, and there has been no further news about an extension. However, the possibility of an extension cannot be completely ruled out with rising cases of positive Coronavirus cases in India. As of now, there have been 2035 cases of Coronavirus in the country, and 58 deaths.

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