Abu Dhabi makes electronic wristband compulsory during quarantine


Abu Dhabi wants you to wear an electronic wristband during quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing to us new ideas and innovations each new day. In a new move, Abu Dhabi quarantine rules are tweaked with the addition of a wristband that you have to put on. Travellers arriving at the Abu Dhabi airport are reportedly being handed these wristbands before they head out for their 14-day quarantine.

Why the wristband?

Etihad has already announced asking passengers to start wearing the electronic wristbands on their arrival in Abu Dhabi.

The band is supposed to keep track of you as you go into your 14-day mandatory quarantine. The new rules, set by Abu Dhabi Crisis, Emergency, and Disasters Committee are to ensure that there are no further outbreaks. You can get the band removed after two weeks, but not before you get a negative result on the 12th day of your quarantine. As it is, Abu Dhabi wants you to get tested within 96 hours of your flight, irrespective of your final destination.

Abu Dhabi wants you to wear an electronic wristband during quarantine

Abu Dhabi’s wristband rule comes in as the UAE is witnessing rising cases of Coronavirus. September 12 saw the highest rise in daily numbers of Coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

Arriving in another emirate

If you happen to arrive in another city of the UAE, and are then going to enter Abu Dhabi, you will have to show proof of your arrival. Those, who spend less than 14 days in another part of the UAE will have to take the test, get into quarantine and, of course, wear the electronic band. The number of days in quarantine will depend on the number of days already spent in other parts of the UAE.

So, if you have already spent six days in another place, you will have to get into quarantine for only eight days.

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