A Mancunian Motivator is keeping things exciting during lockdown here in Britain


A Mancunian Motivator is keeping things exciting during lockdown here in Britain

As Britain battles COVID-19 with cities under lockdown, the Mancunian Motivator is making things fun in the northeastern fringes of London. 31-year-old Elyse Blemmings has become the toast of the streets in this area, where she is known as the Mancunian Motivator. Helping people during this time of self-isolation, she is bringing people together in a sense of community spirit.

The mind, body, and soul trainer used to stream her workout sessions online, but ever since her neighbours started to appreciate her motivational videos, she decided to take it to a next level.

Elyse Blemmings is originally from Denton, and is currently helping people stay motivated with her fun exercises. After all, it is important to keep the mind, body, and soul happy during this time of self-isolation. She is helping to give you a serotonin fix, so why not? Blemmings has been dedicating her life to the well-being of everyone around her, and this is the right time for her to continue to do so.

The physical exercises are helping people in neighbourhoods to bring social links in community. This is definitely a great way to deal with social distancing and, not to mention, it helps to keep you fit. Here, in Chigwell, where she is running the sessions, everyone seems cheerful during this time of lockdown. Britain is currently under a lockdown that began on March 23, and social distancing rules have been enforced across cities. The restrictions have been extended for three more weeks.

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