8 things I wish I’d known before moving to Australia on a working holiday visa



If you’re working lawfully in Australia, you’re entitled to the bare minimum wage. Regardless of whether you’re doing work at a farm or in a restaurant, you ought to receive at least $18.93 an hour  (£10.72 or 13.75 US$), which compares very favourably with numerous other countries.

There’s an additional opportunity bonus, way too, for travellers wanting for flexible perform. If you are a ‘casual’ staff, ie. just one with no preset, certain performing several hours, you are entitled to a ‘casual loading.’ This adds 25% onto your hourly price, bringing your minimal wage up to $23.66. Not negative for a ‘tourist!’

As you in all probability know, in purchase for functioning holiday visa holders to get their 2nd yr visa, they ought to total some sort of agricultural function. Folks think that this signifies fruit selecting in the blazing solar, but there are plenty of other solutions out there, from cooking, to cleansing to mining.

You could have also read a few horror tales bordering the harmful exploitation of Doing work Vacation Makers by unscrupulous farmers. Corruption and illegal abuses continue to keep on, but the federal government has been cracking down in new a long time. Check out the Visa bureau website for Specified Perform Listings so you know the area that you do the job operates all the things safely and fairly.


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